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What is the diameter Peggy Pegs fit into?

What is the maximum diameter Peggy Pegs fit into? Since we have got plenty of messages relating to whether the pegs would fit through a certain hole size or how wide their threads are we thought it would be good to write a quick guide one can refer to. 

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Why do we travel?

We want to invite you to read the first part of Marcus' journey travelling full-time in a motorhome with his family. 
Why do we travel? It’s a question we’ve been asked a lot over the last year having given up our so-called traditional life back in Wales and set off, along with our two small children, on a meandering adventure around Europe, into Africa and across to Asia. Just us and our trusty motorhome.

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🐕 Camping with your dog 🐕

Can you combine Peggy Peg and camping with your dog? In this blog post, we will talk about the development as well as benefits that come with our PeggyPet product line. So if you like to take your pet camping with you, should definitely keep reading. #campingwithyourdog

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