Guide on how to choose and use our Peggy Pegs

Anleitung für die Auswahl und Verwendung unserer Peggys

How to use our Peggy Pegs ?

This our guide on how to choose and use our Peggy Pegs!

First off all it’s good to know that all of our products come with a well thought out system / process on how they should be used.
Over the last 11 years we have created solutions for every ground / soil type and came up with clever solutions to different camping situations.

Our Peggy Pegs can be divided into the following groups; N, L, LA, HC, S.

  • N • Normal grounds, from hard to a little soft – with a hook 20 cm long,max torque 25Nm
  • L • Soft, sandy grounds – Peggy Long with hook 31 cm long torque max. 30 Nm
  • LA • Soft to dense grounds with stones – Peggy Long Aluminium, with hook 31 cm long torque max. 70 Nm
  • HC • Most extreme grounds – Hardcore Peggy Hit-in Screw-out Peggy Alu, with hook 15 cm long torque max. 70 Nm
  • S • For loops and plates – Peggy Small – 12 cm long, torque max. 5 Nm

How to use them?!

  1. Check the ground / soil that you're dealing with and pick the right Peggy Peg for the job! 
  2. Make sure to set your electric drill / screwdriver (We do not recommend the use of rattle guns / impact drivers) to the maximum allowed torque setting.
  3. Simply screw the Peg into the ground until it won’t go further or the maximum torque is reached! If you use our combi tool, you will notice a slight bend when the maximum torque has been reached, simply stop at that moment.
    It’s crucial to know that our Peggy Pegs do not need to go all the way into the ground for maximum grip! (Look for yourself!)
  4. Move the blue rope clip as close to the ground as you can and snap it into position!
  5. If needed you can attach our lines / rope to the bleu clips and that's it!
  6. Let our Peggy Pegs do the heavy work, you and your family can start enjoying your well deserved holiday!

    The yes but….

    Yes but I live in .. Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Norway, Portugal, South Africa etc etc.. and our ground / soil is tougher than anywhere else!

    Like mentioned before we are experienced campers ourselves and we and our partners have deliberately searched for these kinds of situations!
    Our Hardcore Pegs come in 2 different sorts:

    1. The LA (long aluminum) Screw in Peg with a range of; Soft to dense grounds with stones
    2. and our HC (Hardcore) Hit-in Screw-out Hardcore Peg, for the Most extreme grounds

    And in the case of frozen grounds simply pre-drill with a 10mm drill and just follow our normal guidelines and you will be fine.

    Check out our videos on this site or on our youtube channel and see for yourself!

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

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