How to maintain our Peggy Pegs over the years

Wie man seine Peggy Peg Produkte über die Jahre hinweg am besten pflegt

Use this handy trick to enhance the durability of your Peggy screw pegs

In this Blogpost, we will inform you about the specific material which our pegs are made of and how laying them into a water bath once in a while might work wonders.

Do you clean your pegs? 

When packing up a campsite and unscrewing all the pegs, it is obvious that they would all be rather dirty and full of turf. 
It is common sense to then throw them into a bucket of water to wash their dirt off, and then pack up the cleaned pegs, till the next camping adventure.
In fact, washing the pegs comes with 2 advantages at the same time!

  1. They get all clean and shiny again
  2. They soak up some of the water they lost to maintain their flexibility 

This happens when you let them sit in the water for a couple of hours.
Why is that? 

Did you know? 

Our Peggy Pegs are made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide, which is water based.
The material of the pegs makes them incredibly light weight  and flexible, meaning that they easily wind around little stones underneath the surface rather than bending as a conventional peg would do.
After long hours in the sun and many years of camping, some water the material contains, evaporates and the pegs become more dry.
They would still work perfectly fine, but would lose some of their flexibility.

So, a simple water bath for a couple of hours really works wonders here!
The pegs can absorb the lost water quantities and maintain their flexibility. 
Afterwards, simply let them dry, and they are good to go. 

So next time when you wash them, why not leave them in for a little while?
It will definitely benefit them over the years to come.

Want to know more about the difference between Peggy Pegs and batten screws?
Check out our last blog post here

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